Our Farm Is Both Organic And Aquaponic

We believe the health benefits of green farming are notably increased and better tasting.

Using Aquaponics and Vertical Farming principles, we can grow four times more strawberries than a traditional farm protecting the balance between plants and animals and our planet.

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SW Colorado is the Best Place On Earth!

Hoppy Hop Farms was founded in 2019

With one goal to bring FRESH, ORGANIC and LOCAL produce YEAR-ROUND to the Four Corners Region. And with a combined four decades of practicing medicine, as owners, we recognize the importance nutrition has on our lives. This has led to the creation of Hoppy Hop Farms in order to continue to positively influence people and their healthy lifestyle.

With a New Ultra-Modern High Efficient Greenhouse, we are able to deliver fresh strawberries to quality Colorado Restaurants and families certified USDA-Organic Produce.

We produce quality!

Our Company is a green family business.

At Hoppy Hop Farms, we impart Aquaponic growing techniques to produce the finest Organic Strawberries with seeds from select plants that yield better taste and nutritional value.

Utilizing a system that combines conventional aquaculture with hydroponics in a symbiotic environment, our family farm is committed to excellence and purity. Hoppy Hop Farms is a labor of love.

We care about you and your families health and well being!

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